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Micrófono Doble Bobina

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    DIMARZIO - DP-258 TITAN neck

    DIMARZIO - DP-258 TITAN neck

    Micrófono Doble Bobina

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    • Tone Guide

      Treble: 5.5
      Mid: 6.0
      Bass: 5.5




      Wiring: 4 Conductor 
      Magnet: Ceramic 
      Output mV: 280 
      DC Resistance: 10.37 Kohm 
      Year of Introduction: 2013 
      Patent: 5908998

      Recommended For

      Neck position.

      Tech Talk

      Jake’s music often calls for ambient, clean passages as well as lead passages with lots of reverb, delay, and chorus. The Titan™ Neck Model has a balanced blend of highs, mids, and lows, and also works well for smooth, overdriven solos. Jake claims it enables him to retain the tone of his guitar as well as add a lot of effects without it getting “too messy”.





















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