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Micrófono Doble Bobina

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    DIMARZIO - DP-245 DOMINION bridge

    DIMARZIO - DP-245 DOMINION bridge

    Micrófono Doble Bobina

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    • Tone GuideTreble: 6.0Mid: 9.0Bass: 7.0  Specs Wiring: 4 conductor  Magnet: Ceramic  Output mV: 360  DC Resistance: 16.50K ohms  Year of Introduction: 2012  Patent: 5908998 Recommended ForBridge positionTech TalkMark likes a thick sound in the bridge position, but he doesn’t want the lows to be muddy, and he needs the pickup to have fast response to pick attack. We accomplished this with a combination of coils wound for a warm tone and a ceramic magnet for speed. Mark uses a good amount of amp gain, so the pickup output is medium to keep the sound big for both solos and chords. Mark also asked for a good split-coil sound, and the Dominion™ has that, as well.

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