DIMARZIO - DP-427 polos dorados SUGAR CHAKRA Ver más grande

DIMARZIO - DP-427 polos dorados SUGAR CHAKRA


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Micrófono Strato

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    DIMARZIO - DP-427 polos dorados SUGAR CHAKRA

    DIMARZIO - DP-427 polos dorados SUGAR CHAKRA

    Micrófono Strato

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    • TONE GUIDEOutput337Bass8.5Mid8.5Treble4.0               The Sugar Chakra™ was developed for Phil Collen of Def Leppard. An iconic player needs iconic pickups; that’s why Def Leppard’s world-renowned guitarist, Phil Collen, has used DiMarzio pickups exclusively for over 40 years. When he asks a question that starts with “What if …?,” you make it happen! Phil wanted a single coil sized pickup with the weight and attack of a full-sized humbucker, yet still retaining clarity. Sugar Chakra™ is a thick, creamy pickup with crunchy mids, designed to feel like a full-sized humbucker in single coil form. The top end is smooth with mids that bite just enough to cut through the mix. Phil road tested the Sugar Chakra™ on the G3 tour with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci. He says, “It’s just really clear and precise but it’s got all the balls and the fire power. It’s gonna be awesome as a new addition to the DiMarzio family.”

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