DIMARZIO - DP-175s TRUE VELVET middle Ver más grande


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Micrófono Strato

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    DIMARZIO - DP-175s TRUE VELVET middle

    DIMARZIO - DP-175s TRUE VELVET middle

    Micrófono Strato

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    • Tone Guide

      Treble: 8.5
      Mid: 4.5
      Bass: 3.5



      Wiring: 2 Conductor 
      Magnet: Alnico 5 
      Output mV: 130 
      DC Resistance: 6.21 Kohm 
      Year of Introduction: 2008 
      Patent: n/a

      Recommended For

      All positions

      Tech Talk

      The True Velvet™ is a further development of our Blue Velvet™ line. We’ve re-tuned the basic frequency response to hone in on the strongest aspects of vintage single-coil tone. The best vintage single-coils emphasized a “sweet spot” where the sound is bright but not piercing. The True Velvet™ is tuned to this spot, making it equally effective for many playing styles, from the clarity of country music to the grit of Texas blues.


















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